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I am excited to announce a new documentary I am making about choreographer Katy Pyle and her BALLEZ dance company. We just had an awesome work in progress screening at the VOX POPULI gallery in Philadelphia. Really excited about going forward into 2014 !

2010/2011 REEL 


w/out Umbrella





(documentary feature in production)

This is a section from an interview with Collecther designer/boutique owner, Shana Jackson. (please email for password ) 

Gordon Lish 


Interview with literary legend Gordon Lish for small press NY Tyrant 

"Tracing Trash"


A video installation of NY cultural organization Culture Push’s “Tracing Trash” project that explores the destination of NYC’s trash in the state. 

Nicole Georges 


Shot by Moira Morel 

Edited and Produced by Cat Tyc

I made this video for Etsy’s “Handmade Life” blog.



Night Owl

Premiered on “NewNowNext” on LOGO, nominated for “Best Video of the Year” on MTVu

The Feather Test 


This music video was curated into the “What is Love ?” screening  at the Kassel Documenta festival in Kassel, Germany in 2008


My dear friend Sara Marcus just released an amazing book called “Girls to the Front” about the Riot Grrl movement and I am so happy that it exists for a thousand reasons.

Please check it out if you haven’t already. I am stunned by its scope of intelligence and diplomacy covering such an emotional and somewhat turbulent period. 

For five years, as Sara worked on this book, we talked periodically about the influence of Riot Grrl on our lives. These conversations really helped me become more aware of its presence in informing the direction of my life and its only been until recently that I can honestly say I wouldn’t have become a filmmaker without its influence. 

When it came time to promote the book, I proposed doing something a little different than the now somewhat traditional “book trailer” so we sent out a call for people to make web-cams answering three questions: “Who are you ?”, “How did you first come into Riot Grrl ?” and ” How did it inform your life ?” 

The second half of this past summer was me cutting these responses together.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.